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Wis Australia’s Corporate Secretarial Services

Based on our extensive experience, we can responsibly tell you that most small to medium sized corporations do not keep company secretarial documents well and up to date. We can help here confidently.

The Corporations Act and/or trust deeds requires companies to file specific information and lodge forms with ASIC, as well as keeping company records. We can assist you in meeting your filing and lodgement requirements and keep the records we processed in an organised way, so you are actively in compliance with the law and locate those documents any time at ease.

What can we do for you:

Registration Service

· Private Company Registration

· Public Company Registration

· Business name registration

· Discretionary Trust Establishment and stamping

· Unit Trust Establishment and stamping

· ABN Registration

· Other tax registration

Company Secretarial Service

· Acting as registered agent

· Annual review process

· Share allotment and transfers

· Change of address

· Company incorporation, deregistration, and restructures

· Processing of ASIC forms within the appropriate time

· Applying for director ID

· Officer or shareholder name change

· Cessation of officeholders

· Appointment and resignation of officers

· Business name registration or renewal

· Register, change or wind –up trust

· Request of correction ASIC records

Trust Secretarial Service

· Unit trust register

· Distribution resolution and statement

· Other more complex compliance documents (e.g. for MIT or AMIT)

If you would like to know more about Wis Australia’s Corporate Secretarial Services, please contact on (02) 8384 9265 or email

Or directly talk to our corporate service executive.

Kind Regards,

Wis Australia

Our Corporate Service Team

Mike Liang

Partner, Corporate Services

Ph: 0450377258

Ron Bao

Manager, Corporate Services

Ph: 0415255683

Lujing Zhang

Executive, Corporate Services

Ph: 0403716808

Arron Manalang

Executive, Corporate Services

Ph: 0495314202

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