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Our Firm

Wis Australia (formerly Wis Partners Group) was established in Australia in 2013. Today, we have become a boutique professional service provider in Australia with presence in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We provide our services to a diverse range of clients, from large corporate organisations and private businesses to entrepreneurs and individuals across a broad array of industry sectors. We are also especially specialised in assisting the bilateral investment between Australia and China and other overseas investment in Australia. 

We enjoy outstanding relationships with our clients by focusing on what is important to them, adopting a partnership-style approach, being responsible and reliable, keeping our promises and maintaining open and frank communication. Using this way, we find most suitable ways to help our clients maximise their growth opportunities, improve management processes and avoid pitfalls.


Our service areas include audit, accounting, tax, deal service, corporate finance, people service and other advisories.

Achieving  Together  Wisdom

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