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Wis Australia-new name of Wis Partners, and Happy New year

At the beginning of new year 2022, we are excited to unveil our professional practice’s new name, logos as well as new value proposition. We have summarised relevant information in a couple of sub-sections below for your easy understanding.

Our new name and logos

  • Our new name:

Wis Australia (short form: Wis)
  • Our new logo:

  • Meaning of the logo

  1. The “Wis” remained as the centre text in our new logo, which Inherits the spirit of our belief and old logo.

  2. The blue colour is slightly changed to a more vivid blue, representing professionalism and diversity.

  3. The two “v”s form the big “W” to reflect our belief of victory-victory between our clients and people.

  4. The big tick in the W means our pursuance of rightness and technical competency.

  5. The circle means we are focused in the professional service area, and we are easy to work with.

Our new value propositions

  1. We do what is right.

  2. We focus on delivering what matters to our clients and people.

  3. We hunger for achievements and growth.

  1. We respect each other and embrace differences and diversities.

  2. We collaborate with our clients and people.

  3. We believe win-win and achieve together with our clients and people.

  1. We create values by sharing knowledge and experiences.

  2. We are not afraid of changes, and we never stop improving.

  3. We advocate and invest in technologies to do things in a smarter way.

How are our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders are impacted?

Wis Partners and Wis Australia are different names of one identical legal entity. We will identify ourselves as “Wis Australia” or “Wis” in all our written or verbal communications. As a result, you will be seeing the changes of names, logos on our website, emails address and signatures, letters etc. We have spent extensive effort to make the changes in the background gradually and without interrupting anything externally or creating extra work for you. Though it is not compulsory from our side, you may consider following to be updated at your side:

  • Change the email address of your usual contact – though we are identical team, our domain has changed from “” to “”. Please replace the email of your usual contact person of Wis Australia with his/her new one ( You will be able to find the new emails in all our people’s email signature.

  • Update our organisation name to “Wis Australia” in your client/supplier/other contact management system.

  • Talk to our people if you have anything would like to discuss about our rebranding, and help us to make awareness of our rebranding.

Why are we doing a rebranding?

We were initially established in May 2013 as “Wisdom Consulting”. It was the year 2016 when we rebranded ourselves from “Wisdom Consulting” to “Wis Partners”, marking a milestone in our history when we first-time determined to build a trustable professional service brand and team to provide our clients with professional knowledge, insights and values. Since then, during last 6 years, with the trust and support from our clients and people, we have grown together tremendously, Wis Partners has also become a well-known brand and practice to the community.

Upon stepping into new year 2022, and moving into our new office, we are empowered and positioned to deliver more and better. The new name and brand are a continuation of our mission in professional service community, but a new setting of higher base to start to challenge the status of quo and do it better.

Our festival season greetings

We hope you like new name and logos and we sincerely with you and your family a healthy, fortunate, and happy New Year of Tiger.

Brief introduction of Wis Australia

Wis Australia (formerly Wis Partners) was established in Australia in 2013. Today, we have become a boutique professional service provider in Australia with presence in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand. We provide our services to a diverse range of clients, from large corporate organisations and private businesses to entrepreneurs and individuals across a broad array of industry sectors. We are also especially specialised in assisting the bilateral investment between Australia and overseas. Our service areas include audit, accounting, tax, deal service, corporate finance, people service and other advisories.


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